Syd Reads Tom the Riot Act - Succession Season 2 Episode 2
Roman and Kendall do a "routine health check" of a new media brand to help Vaulter to determine the future of the company. Tom tasks Greg with sniffing out waste at ATN; Connor and Willa host a soiree to mark their return to New York.

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Succession Season 2 Episode 2: "Vaulter"
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Succession Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Kendall: Yeah, sorry about the, uh, cloak and dagger. I just needed some time to untangle all your shit, fund process centers, keep the union off our back. We're already fully operational on seven.
Lawrence: Why?
Kendall: Because my dad told me to.
Lawrence: Because your dad told you to? Jesus Christ. Because you're DAD told you to? You fucked it, bro!
Kendall: Uh-huh. Go find some other chicken coop. Cunt.
Lawrence: Are you fucking kidding me? Because your DAD told you to?! Are you a fucking idiot? Kendall!

Greg: Being at ATN, you know, is kind of like the one thing I didn't want to do?
Tom: Oh, OK. Should I have left you at parks to sink? I mean, it's ATN man. It's the fuckin' news.
Greg: I know.
Tom: It's Logan's G-spot. I can finger-bang him all night long. I'm a direct, direct report. What?
Greg: Sure. Just? ATN, it's like, kind of against my principles?
Tom: Your principles?? Greg, don't be an asshole. You don't have principles.