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Three tornadoes touch down in Smallville and run poor Lana off the road and it's up to Clark to save the day.

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Smallville Season 1 Episode 21: "Tempest"
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Smallville Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Clark: Chloe!
Chloe: (sighs and rushes through her speech) Okay, I just... I have this horrible nightmare that you are going to rush to the bus station after Whitney leaves and profess your undying love for Lana, and I'm going to be waiting at the gym all alone, and if you do that to me Clark, I will never speak to you again, Okay? I said it.

Lex: I don't know. Just got a bad feeling. Kind of like when you can smell the air change before a storm.
Clark: Storms are a way of life around here, Lex. The trick is not to get caught out in the open.