The Alpha - Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 20
Scott McCall has been through a lot since becoming a werewolf. We've watched him become a true alpha and lead a pack of his own. Now, he faces his toughest challenge yet -- stopping the anuke-ite and Gerard.

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Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 20: "The Wolves of War"
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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

People that I thought would be with me forever are the ones that I lost. People that I thought I could never trust ended up saving my life, more than once.


I'm going to tell you a story, maybe it will sound familiar. There was this kid, 16, alone, and running for his life. He couldn't see them, but he could hear them getting closer. They had guns, crossbows. They were hunting him. It started on the night of the full moon. Something came at him. Something bit him, and it changed his life. It changed everything.