The Balloon to The Good Place - The Good Place Season 4 Episode 11
Team Cockroach finally lifts off on their journey to the Good Place

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Screenshot from "Mondays, Am I Right?"/NBC
The Good Place
The Good Place Season 4 Episode 11: "Mondays, Am I Right?"
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The Good Place Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Chidi: Maybe on paper, you and Janet don't make total sense. But, who cares? The relationship you have built together is wonderful. She knows you and loves you and that's all that matters.
Jason: Do you really believe that?
Chidi: Of course I do.
Jason: Hahaha! Sucker!
Chidi: Sorry?
Jason: I got you so bad! Dude, pretend what you just said was what you said to you instead of to me. And you have to listen to yourself because it was already in your own head and then came out. But just put it back in your head and realize that it was you talking about you and Eleanor!
Chidi: Against all odds, I know what you mean. And I gotta give it up. That was good.

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