Tyrell spends quality time with the Howards and their friends at one of the get together at the Dixon home.

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A Million Little Things
A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 1: "Family First"
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Vancouver, BC, Canada
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A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Eddie: Something happened last night. I got a call from the person who hit me.
Gary: What? What he say?
Eddie: She, I, uh, recorded as much if as I could.

Hey, it's me. I know we left things in a weird place earlier, and I'm sorry. The thing is after I got divorced. I promised myself that no matter who I dated, I wouldn't have another kid. But that was before I fell in love with you. The fact is I have watched you for months take care of two kids you have no relation to, and there was never a minute you didn't make them feel like they weren't your family. Gary, you have proven every day that you would be an incredible father. So if having kids is something you want, well, then I know the perfect three-bedroom we should make an offer on.

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