The PTA - Shameless
Frank gets involved in Liam's PTA on Shameless. " F**k Paying It Forward" is the fourth episode of the show's eighth season.

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Shameless Season 8 Episode 4: " F**k Paying It Forward"
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Shameless Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

Debbie: Neil kicked me out so he could live with that conniving physical therapy slut, Lakeyshia, so I'm moving back in. And I don't want to hear your mouth or anyone else's about it because I am not asking for permission. I'm a Gallagher, and I can live here anytime I please until I'm back on my feet. And I don't want to talk about how much it's going to cost because I'm going to pay my fair share.
Fiona: I was just going to say hi.

Fiona: Grab your blowtorch, my grown ass druggie tenant got his head stuck in a fence.
Debbie: Okay, you paying?
Fiona: Yeah, same shit money as usual.
Debbie: As soon as I pass my welding qualification final, my fee goes up to not shit money.