The Ultimatum - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 4
Betty is tired of trying to have Kevin be interested in her. She's throwing down the law about what she deserves.

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The CW
The CW
Lili Reinhart, Casey Cott
Riverdale Season 7 Episode 4: "Chapter One Hundred Twenty-One: Love & Marriage"
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Riverdale Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Archie: Okay, we barely made it to second base. So, why tell Julian we scored a home run?
Cheryl: I can’t explain it. But saying that we did, it’s helping me with a problem I’m having. Just know that by corroborating this story, you’d be protecting me.

Veronica: Are you okay?
Jughead: No. No, I feel like I failed her. I failed us all.
Veronica: You didn’t. You fought hard to save her, Jughead. You did. You did save her.
[They kiss]
Jughead: Wowie.
Veronica: You can say that again.

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