Vincent Worries - Beauty and the Beast
Vincent worries about whether Cat will arrive for their wedding on Beauty and the Beast. "Shotgun Wedding" is the eighth episode of the show's third season.

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Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 8: "Shotgun Wedding"
Vincent Keller
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Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

JT: What did I do?
Tess: JT, this is not the time, OK.
JT: But I don't know what I did wrong.
Tess: You weren't there for me JT. I just wanted you to care about what I was going through and you didn't.
JT: Because I was trying to save Vincent. What was I supposed to do?
Tess: You were supposed to be there for me too. Did Vincent put his relationship on hold with Cat when you needed saving? No. He never does.

Vincent: You're saying we keep this from Catherine?
Tess: Yeah I am. At least until after the wedding, which is what, ten, eleven hours from now? Why ruin it for her? Why ruin it for you?
JT: It's your call big guy.
Vincent: Catherine is gonna kill me if she finds out about this and blows up in her face, right?