Visiting the Bakery - tall - YOU Season 3 Episode 3
Some of Madre Linda's inhabitants stop by a bakery that Love is working at on YOU Season 3 Episode 3.

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John P. Fleenor/ Netflix
YOU Season 3 Episode 3: "Missing White Woman Syndrome "
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YOU Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Masturbation saves the day for now.

Joe Voiceover

Marienne: Missing White Woman Syndrome is America's favorite pastime next to porn.
Joe: Missing White Woman..?
Dante: Syndrome. When upper-class, attractive white ladies go missing, they get tons of media coverage. Doesn't happen for other victims.
Joe: Yeah. Well, the media has a thirst for anything salacious right?
Joe Voiceover: Why do I feel like I'm failing a test?
Marienne: We're speaking of a specific phenomenon. When white women receive a disproportionately high level of public attention a very clear message is being sent. White women deserve to be rescued. The rest of us can fend for ourselves.