Voight's Last Hurrah?  - Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 9
Voight's future is in jeopardy when his fate hangs in the balance after Roy's body is found by the FBI.

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Chicago PD
Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 9: "A Way Out"
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Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 9 Quotes

Voight: Jay, just because we have dirt, it doesn't mean that we have to use it. Let's do the easier option, okay? Just give me up.
Halstead: I have made my decision. We're not doing this.
Voight: Yes, we are. Jay, we have done this your way the entire time.
Halstead: My way?
Voight: Yeah. And we both know you're going to regret it. You don't want to do this, and I don't want you to do this, so just listen to me now.
Halstead: Jesus.

Voight: OK, what's going on?
Halstead: The FBI found Roy's body. North drove me out there last night, and he made me an offer. He said either he's going to arrest Hailey and me, or I give him you. In about 24 hours. I'm not wearing a wire, look, here you want to see?
Voight: OK, I'll take care of it.
Halstead: No, you won't.
Voight: I'll handle it, Jay.
Halstead: No.
Voight: No?
Halstead: Yeah, I'm done with that. I'm here right now because of you handling it. I'm done with it. I'm done with being in the dark, and you taking care of things solo. Anything that's done from here on out we're doing together.
Voight: I don't think you actually want that.
Halstead: No, I do want that, and I'm going to trust that since I brought you into this, that you're going to give me that. And we're not bringing Hailey into this. She doesn't need another thing to eat, so in in the next 24 hours, you and me are going to handle this together.