We Have No Words
Honestly, we have no words. Except maybe groovy, far out and we hope to catch them on the flip side.

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Castle Season 6 Episode 20: "That '70s Show"
Javier Esposito, Kevin Ryan
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Los Angeles, CA
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Castle Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

Harold: Have you ever seen a cop with an ass that fine. If this women's lib I'm all for it.
Castle: To be fair, you do have a very fine, never mind.

A testament to the truly indestructible nature of polyester.


Castle Season 6 Episode 20 Music

  Song Artist
Donna summer last dance Last Dance Donna Summer iTunes
Walter murphy a fifth of beethoven A Fifth of Beethoven Walter Murphy iTunes
Silver convention get up and boogie thats right Get Up And Boogie (That'S Right) Silver Convention iTunes