Young Rhonda
Poor, young Rhonda gets to finally experience life outside the compound and is very jealous of the teenage life Sarah and Heather get to live in "Where There's a Will."

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Big Love
Big Love Season 1 Episode 11: "Where There's a Will"
Rhonda Volmer
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Big Love Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Ernest Holloway [about the UEB Council]: They also talked about negotiating a contract with NASA to sell clay from one of the mines we own in Moab for the heat shields on the shuttle.
Bill: They don't believe we even went to the moon and yet they're in business with the agency that didn't go there

Barb: I do not want the kids to go to the compound!
Nicki: All the kids or just your kids?
Barb: Any kids and certainly not mine. And mine include yours!