Song Artist
Wish 1 Wish Paper Route iTunes
Theme from love story Theme from Love Story Francis Lai iTunes
The mating game 1 The Mating Game Bitter:Sweet iTunes
Strange religion Strange Religion Mark Lanegan iTunes
Song Odyssey Woolfy iTunes
My sympathy My Sympathy Kurt Vile iTunes
Love lost 1 Love Lost The Men iTunes
Let it fall Let It Fall Lykke Li iTunes
Je taime moi non plus Je t'aime moi non plus Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin iTunes
Hearts collide Hearts Collide Sarah Solovay iTunes
Song Head Over Heels The Go-Gos iTunes
Song Come On The Genders
Song Big Girl 1 Two
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90210 Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Naomi: How's the burger?
Liam: It's not bad. You want a bite?
Naomi: No, I'm fine. Want a bite of my extremely dry chicken?

Naomi: You should actually come with us, the shops are still open for another 20 minutes and i'm still looking for the perfect LGD.
Adrianna: Little gold dress.
Annie: Ah, of course.