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Hologram Hologram Katie Herzig iTunes
Song Ghosts FanFarlo iTunes
Song This Sweet Love James Yuill iTunes
Today has been ok Today Has Been Ok Emiliana Torrini iTunes
Wonder 1 Wonder Jack Savoretti
One Tree Hill
Season 7 Episode 2: "What Are You Willing to Lose"
Grey's Anatomy
Season 6 Episode 21: "How Insensitive"
Song Worrisome Heart Melody Gardot
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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Quotes

Mark: Don't make me choose between you are her.
Lexie: Why? Because you'll choose her?
Mark: Yeah. I'll choose her.
Lexie: I think our relationship just ended.

Alex: What is this?
Izzie: Take off your pants.
Alex: Iz, it's a...
Izzie: Be my husband, get undressed, get into bed and hold me. I don't know what you're so mad about and I don't know what you're scared of because you won't talk to me. But, I'm scared too Alex. And I can't... if you won't... If we're gonna have any chance at a life together then I need you to. Please...
Alex: You died in my arms. You died in my arms! You freakin died, and then you left instructions that I wasn't allowed to save your life. You wanna know what I'm scared of? I'm scared of everything. I'm scared to move. I'm scared to breathe. I'm scared to touch you. I can't lose you. I won't survive. And that's your fault. You made me love you, you made me let you in. And then you freaking died in my arms.