Song Artist Heard On
Song Lover, Lover The Chicago Stone Lightning
Song Pungle COP
Amanda blank make it take it Make It Take It Amanda Blank iTunes
The henry clay people something in the water Something in the Water The Henry Clay People iTunes
Song Bag of Bones Souleros
Sun kil moon salvador sanchez Salvador Sanchez Sun Kil Moon iTunes
Madi diaz a little bit A Little Bit Madi Diaz iTunes
Devendra banhart its a sight to behold It's a Sight to Behold Devendra Banhart iTunes
Song Stars Gram Rabbit
Hillstomp nope Nope Hillstomp iTunes
Boo boo davis im comin home I'm Comin Home Boo Boo Davis iTunes
Song Free Man Down Southern Bitch
Fireball ministry fallen believers Fallen Believers Fireball Ministry iTunes
Rhino bucket dont bring her down Don't Bring Her Down Rhino Bucket iTunes
Blackstrap the open road The Open Road Blackstrap iTunes
Song Two Crescents Pearlene
The thornbirds stop dragging me down Stop Dragging Me Down The Thornbirds iTunes
The stone foxes beneath mt sinai Beneath Mt. Sinai The Stone Foxes iTunes
Song Nothing The Lions
Song S**t Machine Monster Magnet
Pearlene you done told everybody You Done Told Everybody Pearlene iTunes
Song Stop Dragging Me Down The Obscurities
Song The Bottom Tara Holloway
Gideon smith and the dixie damned black cat road Black Cat Road Gideon Smith & the Dixie Damned iTunes
Song Roll on Muddy River Mojo Mokeys
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Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Quotes

Love don't mean shit. Men need to own their pussy. His has been violated. He'll find another. It's what they do.


"You pay or you go away. Your choice, Adolph. Welcome to Charming"

Clay [to Zobelle]

Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Music

  Song Artist
Song Tell Me The Peak Show
Mary 1 Mary Patty Griffin iTunes
Five horse johnson fly back home Fly Back Home Five Horse Johnson iTunes