Song Artist Heard On
Birdy wings Wings Birdy iTunes
Lucy rose be alright Be Alright Lucy Rose iTunes
Glasvegas finished sympathy Finished Sympathy Glasvegas iTunes
Yeah yeah yeahs buried alive Buried Alive Yeah Yeah Yeahs iTunes
I am strikes love is just a way to die Love Is Just A Way To Die I Am Strikes iTunes
Ash grunwald walking Walking Ash Grunwald iTunes
Lykke li no rest for the wicked No Rest For The Wicked Lykke Li iTunes
Raign dont let me go Don't Let Me Go Raign iTunes
Song I'll Be Honest The Privates
Hotpipes future bolt Future Bolt Hotpipes iTunes
Bastille bad blood Bad Blood Bastille iTunes
The felice brothers cherry licorice Cherry Licorice The Felice Brothers iTunes
The garden district the truth in you The Truth In You The Garden District iTunes
Rival sons torture Torture Rival Sons iTunes
Kerli chemical Chemical Kerli iTunes
Together pangea river River Together Pangea iTunes
Johnny angel starlight Starlight Johnny Angel iTunes
Buddy stuart poor little girl Poor Little Girl Buddy Stuart iTunes
Buddy stuart ninety nine pounds of dynamite Ninety Nine Pounds of Dynamite Buddy Stuart iTunes
Brick plus mortar locked in a cage Locked In a Cage Brick + Mortar iTunes
Us royalty breathless Breathless U.S. Royalty iTunes
Angus stone be what you be Be What You Be Angus Stone iTunes
The new division kids Kids The New Division iTunes
Angus stone it was blue It Was Blue Angus Stone iTunes
The lonely forest warm slash happy Warm/Happy The Lonely Forest iTunes
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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Quotes

He's deferring from enrolling and deferring from returning my phone calls. So I'm deferring from sleeping with him ever again.


Woman: You look just like Elena Gilbert.
Katherine: Actually, I'm much prettier.