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Let the water rise
Let the ground crack
Let me fall inside
Lying on my back
Lying on my back
Dry your smoke-stung eyes
So you can see the light
You're staring at the sky
Watching stars collide
If you leave
When I go
Find me
In the shallows
When the time comes
On the last day
When they start to come down
Will you just
Will you run away?
And let it all rain down
From the blood stained clouds
Come out, come out to the sea, my love
And just
Drown with me
If you leave
When I go
Find me
In the shallows
Lying on my back
Watching stars collide
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Over the course of my long life, I have come to believe that we are bound forever to those with whom we share blood. And while we may not choose our family, that bond can be our greatest strength, or our deepest regret. This unfortunate truth has haunted me for as long as I can recall.


[to Kol and Finn] I'd prefer you both to join me against our mother, but I'll happily settle for one or the other. Either way, if you continue to defy me, your lives will be reduced to an unending sequence of agonizing torture. So, which is it to be?


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