Everything Leaves
Artist: Lori Denae
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Everything Leaves Lyrics

Snow falls and wind blows
Pine cones getting carried away
It rolls by on down the hill
Covered up by the dirt and the rain

The volunteer begins to grow
And then the leaves begin to show
What once had sun and love from everyone
Will now wind up alone

Is anybody out there planting seeds
When everything leaves
Every time i set what i want free
It never comes back to me

A whole year has gone by
I look out but nothing's familiar
Some change i recognize
You've grown, you stand up to the pressure

Now go on and make us proud
We'll always be here and never let you down
Can't you see i need you to be
Everything i never had in me

All it takes is a gentle breeze
To drift away from a to z
And when you think that you decide
The winds of change come blowin by

Careful thoughts in deep disguise
Penetrated from the outside
So much for deep disguise

Everybody's out there planting seeds
Cause everything leaves
Welcoming the ever-changing scene
And offering everything
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Liam: No. I'm not. But this? We're done.

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Teddy: More like Nadal.