Madly in Action
Artist: The Shys
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Madly in Action Lyrics

I woke up this morning,
I think I need a kickstand.
The rhythm of the city
got a hold of me like quicksand.
Got no money in my wallet,
so I took it from my best friend.
About a million miles an hour,
when I crash into the weekend.
Hey (chorus)
call in the cavalry
Hey (chorus)
a taste of victory
[ From: ]
I'm gonna humor you
with the act of conversation.
I've got my sunglasses on
from the sleep deprivation.
Should we drop you at home,
or are you waiting for the last dance?
You know you never got the call,
'cause I didn't want the romance.
call in the cavalry
I'll take some victory
call in the cavalry
A taste of victory
call in the cavalry
I'll take some victory
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Castle Quotes

I don't get it. He's into you and your determined not to give into these feelings that you clearly have for him. So he fantasizes about you through his writing. It is literally verbal masturbation.


I can't tell you how many times I've had dreams of being on this very ship.