A Night On Earth
Artist: The Tossers
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A Night On Earth Lyrics

Like a Princess stuck in a factory
There's nothin' here no for me
Like a warted toad on a highway road
The road seems never ending
That's what appeals, whenever I feel
Restless, solitary, anxiety
Just give me that road, when the world
Turns cold, and a nice hot glass of whiskey
Well, it's blank above my thoughts and
It's blank below my words
Get me drunk and then I'm yours

So give me two pints o' stout, two pints o' stout
One so I don't think no more, and one to face
What I've in store
Two pints o' stout, two pints o' stout
Well, my dear you have no money, so you can turn
And walk right out
Have you ever thought we might have sought in all
Our years together, to part now while there's
Still a smile and face the lonely weather
Well, what's the worth of this wretched
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Earth, but traveling to new places
Does the one you like seem a chord to strike
Does appealing describe his faces
No, I'm not content, not with myself
Not my body or my mind

It's freezing on O'Connell Street and I'm
Talking to a hooker
Well, she might be a cop, but either way I
Ain't no better
So it's rounds on me, one chance you see,
Because I have the money
When there's no more booze
Then I'll go home and deal with my own thinking
Like a dream that tortures me
Each night is the peace
I've known with you
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Sons of Anarchy Quotes

Something happens at around 92 miles an hour - thunder-headers drown out all sound, engine vibrations travels at a heart's rate, field of vision funnels into the immediate and suddenly you're not on the road, you're in it. A part of it. Traffic, scenery, cops - just cardboard cutouts blowing over as you past. Sometimes I forget the rush of that. That's why I love these long runs. All your problems, all the noise, gone. Nothing else to worry about except what's right in front of you. Maybe that's the lesson for me today, to hold on to these simple moments. Appreciate them a little more - there's not many of them left. I don't ever want that for you. Finding things that make you happy shouldn't be so hard. I know you'll face pain, suffering, hard choices, but you can't let the weight of it choke the joy out of your life. No matter what, you have to find the things that love you. Run to them. There's an old saying, 'That what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger' I don't believe that. I think the things that try to kill you make you angry and sad. Strength comes from the good things - your family, your friends, the satisfaction of hard work. Those are the things that'll keep you whole. Those are the things to hold on to when you're broken.


Jax: Do you love me? It's a simple question.
Tara: It's not a simple answer.