My thoughts on this episode/season in general:

First and foremost... I am furious at the whole Chuck and Blair situation. I'm an avid Chair fan so of course I'd want them to be together again. But I understand where the writers are coming from. Chuck and Blair's relationship fuel this show. They are the center of it. Without the love/hate relationship they have, the storyline would dwindle and we'd get bored with the lovey dovey-ness of it all. Even if we say we want to see them happy together we'd get wary of it and then we will lose interest in the show. 

Someone commented before me, saying that when Chuck and Blair are together and happy that will be the time for the show to end which i agree with because that is when the story line withers away. One day the writers have that in mind I'm sure(to please the fans) but they probably want to make sure that that is far away from now because they want the show to continue running with high ratings. The best way to get these ratings are to ensue drama, drama, and more drama. What's better than Chuck and Blair drama? NOTHING. If we loved them scheming together, well, we'll sure love them scheming against each other.

Now, to get a little more specific- this so called 'war' Chuck instigated (well, Blair did technically but for some reason I have a feeling that she was doing it for attention because she was hurt so much by Chuck that she didn't know what she was doing and why. She just kept at what she was good at, scheming and ruining other people) might be one way because even though I'm sure Blair will not back down from this- her heart isn't in it. You can tell straight away from her body language and the way she was looking at Chuck, so pleadingly and so helpless, at the end of the episode that you really have to consider- Yes, what she did might have been 'despicable' even for her (to quote Chuck) but she did all of that because of the pain she was feeling inside. It must not have been easy for her to see the man she loves(ed)(so she tries to make everyone believe) come back to New York claiming to be changed by some girl he met over the summer. It must be heartbreaking for her, so I can empathize with her. 

She was in tears at the end of the episode, much more vulnerable than we've ever seen her before after Chuck said those things to her. 

I take Blair's side in this because Chuck needs to learn to man up- and grovel if need be for her forgiveness. I understand he got shot over the summer because of her but if he loved her as much as he said he did at the end of season 3 then he can't get over her that quickly. Thank God he never said he loved Eva or I would have just stopped watching the show completely. I have faith in Chair. He loves her, and vis versa. They just need to be able to show it to each other without hurting each other and I think that we'll see them grow into that this season, or so I hope.I think they need to hit bottom and build from scratch again to have a relationship that will truly work. I'm hoping to God that the writers are just making Chuck's character put up a facade of some sort to hide how much it hurt that Blair told him she didn't love him anymore. But come on... what a complete and utter 180 Chuck had from episode 2 to now! He looked heartbroken, so sorry and repulsed at what he had done to her - and now he's declaring war? 

A small, and I do mean small, minuscule even, part of me was saying maybe, just maybe, its Chuck saying he'll fight for her. But of course its not.

It pained me to watch the last 3 minutes of this episode- probably because I'm such a romantic myself and I believe in idealistic love and relationships.

That being said, I am waiting eagerly for the next installment of Gossip Girl merely because I'm waiting for that ounce of hope at all that shows that these two will get back together in the near future. Or at least before the season ends. 

For right now, I'll have to settle for loving every second of Chuck and Blair feuding with each other. It won't last forever. I know it. 

To the writers: I fully understand why the show is like this at the moment- to keep us all watching. I get it. Because as much as we Chair fans hate to see them apart and feuding, most of us will continue watching the show religiously in that hope that in that episode they'll make up and play nice. Impeccable strategy I must say. Kudos. 

Aside from my Chair (or lack there of) problem, the show was brilliant and I LOVE that Serena and Blair have each other through whatever. A great example of true best friends. The whole Juliet and Nate thing is ridiculous, and the love triangle with Serena is really run down. Wayyy tooo long. They need something fresher. 

BRING BACK ERIC. And as much as I hate Little J- what the hell bring her in to ensue more problems for Blair and Chuck alike. If they're declaring war- it better be one HELL of a war. The writers better go all out on this one because I'll be thoroughly disappointed if they half-ass it. 

That is all. I apologize for the length of it but I needed the catharsis.

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