If I could meet anyone I would want to meet Naya Rivera (Santana on Glee), Jessica Capshaw (Arizona on Grey's Anatomy), Sara Ramirez (Callie on Grey's Anatomy), Kyle (From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) , Heather Morris (Brittany on Glee)Kaley Cuoco (Penny on The Big Bang Theory) and Shay Mitchell (Emily on Pretty Little Liars).

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Glee Grey's Anatomy Pretty Little Liars The Big Bang Theory The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Number One Couple Of America TV : Arizona && Callie ! :)

Arizona: You're amazing.
Callie: We're amazing

Arizona: You slept with my girlfriend and I'm afraid that when I look at you, I wanna hit you with a brick.

Arizona: Most people think that I was named for the state, but it's not true, I was named for a battle ship. The U.S.S. Arizona. My grandfather was serving on the Arizona when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and he saved nineteen men before he drowned. Pretty much everything my father did his whole life was about honoring that sacrifice. I was raised to be a good man in a storm. Raised to love my country. Love my family. Protect the things I love. When my father, Colonel Daniel Robinson of the United States Marine Corps, heard that I was a lesbian he said he only had one question. I was prepared for "How fast can you get the hell out of my house?" But instead, it was "Are you still who I raised you to be?" My father believes in country the way that you believe in God. And my father is not a man who bends, but he bent for me because I am his daughter. I'm a good man in a storm. I love your daughter. And I protect the things I love. Not that I need too, she doesn't need it. She's strong, and caring,and honorable. And she's who you raised her to be.

Alex: Dude, are you crying?
Arizona: I have authority issues. Walk away Karev!

Arizona: (talks to the baby) My girlfriends moving to Cleveland. Yep. Yep.

Arizona: I hate, hate, hate this merger because I hate long distance relationships. I don't believe in them. So, you can't move to Portland.
Callie: Well, when you mentioned it this afternoon you didn't seem to mind. You were like... "move to Portland!"
Arizona: I didn't know that I was allowed to mind. I didn't know if we were girlfriends. But, then you said girlfriend. You called me your girlfriend. So, I need to know. Am I your girlfriend?
Callie: Yeah.
Arizona: Ok. Good. So, yeah. No! You're not moving to Portland. No, but what you are gonna do is you're gonna go into the Chief's office and you're gonna beg for...
Callie: I am not gonna grovel.
Arizona: Ah, yes you are. Seriously. You don't wanna mess with me.

Arizona: I have a cure for a headache that doesn't involve coffee.

Callie: No it doesn't make any sense. Everyone wants kids and you of all people wear roller skates for shoes, I don't get it.
Arizona: You know what I don't know. Maybe there's something wrong with me. Because its not natural, its not womanly, maybe I am cold and heartless and dead inside.
Callie: I am not saying that.
Arizona: Yeah, but you are.

Arizona: Body block him, Karev.

Arizona: I might be having MarkSloan's baby.
Teddy: Oh good lord, he got to you too.

Arizona: I'm a stuck up self-righteous bitch.

Arizona: Shut up. Just shut up. You don't get to tell me that we're not together. We are together. Because I love you and you love me, and none of the rest of it matters. We are together. And if you ever sleep with anyone else again, man or woman, I will kick the crap out of you. Now you sit your ass back down there because that's my baby in there. I don't want anything happening to my baby.

All time favorite quote by Arizona Robbins: Don't let the roller skates fool you. Peds is nothing but hardcore.

Callie: Things don't go the way you want them to. Ever.

Callie: You had to fly across the world to get to me Arizona because you flew a whole world away without ever looking back. You just left. And this might be news to you — no, I think it kinda is — but you're not the only one in this relationship. There are two of us, and you came back today but I didn't.

Callie: You don't want fifty years to go by and realize that you let the love of your life get away. So go - try!

Callie: Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy! Jesus: blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God! Jesus: blessed are those who have been persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven! Jesus is my savior daddy, not you! And Jesus would be ashamed of you for judging me! He would be ashamed of you for turning your back on me. He would be ashamed.

Callie: So tell her. Do not wait until this kid comes out looking all Sloan-y.

Callie: (pointing to Arizona and Mark) Lesbian lover. Baby daddy.

Callie: When she smiles at you, everything gets better. She's giving you her best super magic smile.

Lexie: Are you really gay? Like, how gay are you? On a scale of 1 to gay? 'Cause that's my boyfriend in the shower. My hot, hot, naked boyfriend and I... How gay are you?
Callie: I'm sorry. It's... I've known Mark a while and... But, I'll try not to do that again. The naked in the shower thing.
Lexie: Or, the you half naked in the hallway thing. Cause, cause even if you really are gay. He's not, and you're hot.
Callie: He doesn't look at my boobs anymore. The first thing he used to look at when I walked into anywhere, was my boobs. He doesn't look anymore. Not since he met you. Ok?
Lexie: Ok.

Mark: Open up! Open the door Torres. Open the door. I'll keep knocking and potentially damage my million dollar hands.
Callie: (crying) My ex husband died, he died. He actually got hit by a bus. George got hit by a bus. And now... now I have to get a new job and I'm never gonna see my friends anymore and Arizona keeps bringing me doughnuts!

All time favorite quote by Callie Torres: You think you can pray away the gay. You can't pray away the gay!

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