Catty [Because I gave you my word. Because I love you.]

Hullo there.

I'm Catriona (Ka-treee-na, no-one ever says it right :D), I'm 16, I'm fae Scotland.

And that's all you need to know about that.

At the mo, what am I liking? In terms of TV that is . . .

Gossip Girl, obviously, Friday Night Lights, I used to LOVE The OC, but I'm kinda pretending that the fourth season didn't happen I hated it so much, the Inbetweeners, Skins, you know the drill.

Hating copyrights right now, making it impossible for me to watch FNL . . . they only showed, like 2 episodes here and I had to buy the rest on iTunes but now . . . how do I get hold of season3? And four??? AARGH! How will I ever know what happens to Matt and Julie!?!? God I love those two together, though I just found out the actors are about 10 years apat in age. Weird, huh?

But we're here for GG so I'll move on.

From day 1, I LOVED DS, and I mean LOVED. They're still my OTP (one true pairing for all you noobs, lol, I used to be one too before I turned into such a fangirl :D) and anyone who syas they're not endgame is silly. I don't mind if people don't like them but I mean, come on, we all know they're gonna be endgame don't we?

But yeah. DS may be my OTP, but this whole Rufus/Lily thing (I refuse to call them RL, that makes them legit as a couple) is keeping DS apart and I'm not naive enough to suggest that both couples be together. Christ. Can you imagine? Besides how left out would Eric feel? I don't care much for Jenny but poor Eric!

So yeah, I hate Rufus and I hate Lily, they really are two truly hateful human beings. So selfish.

Chair? I hear you ask? Well CB to me, can't explain I just prefer things that way. Sure, I like CB, but not in season 3, telling each other they love each other every episode? That's like the anti-CB. Even DS didn't do that in season 1. So I like them but they're not endgame. No way Jose. (I might be proved wrong on this one, the writers do have an irritating habit of writing to appease fangirls, which, despite being a fangirl, makes me want to stick pins in my eyes.) Realistically, Chuck is gonna end up alone drinking himself into oblivion and wondering What if? Otherwise he would mess it up. He can't help it. I still love him though, despite his rapey habits.

NB? Don't even go there.

Now DB? There's something I could sink my teeth into while Rufus and Lily get over their honeymoon period and BREAK UP already (please, you know they will). Might bring some of that season 1 spark back.

So yeah, once that's done . . . hmm, Rufus and Vanessa? Get's rid of two pretty irritating characters who have some very innapropriate but undeniable chemistry. I totally ship RV.

Nate? Oh yeah, Nate, I always forget about him, and Jenny, but I wouldn't want them together. Jenny doesn't deserve anyone. Selfish girl. Though she's only sixteen I guess, but hey so was I four months ago and hopefully I'm not that bad.

NS needs to happen for closure. But I don't think it would work. Plus. Dumb blonde + dumb blonde with highlights = tragic boating accident.

Now THERE'S a plot twist!

If you've read to here and don't want to kill me, we should be friends 'cause you're a rare 'un.

I love the music from the show too, but then again, I just love music in general so there you go.

And the fashion, well the season 1 fashion mainly, things have gone considerably downhill since then in my opinion.




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