Gossip de la girl

gossip de la girl.

Well, well. I'm 15 years old. I'm Canadian! And I'm obliviously a big huge fan of the show. Now that that's cut in stone, let's get to the good stuff:

I am a hard core Derena fan. So maybe their future isn't looking so bright, and the possibility of them ever getting back together is unlikely- but they continue to be my favourite on-screen couple, along with Chair. Every time I re-watch Season 1 & 2 (which is often, I might add), I see their undeniable chemistry, and it makes it really hard to give up on them. The Season 3 finale nearly killed me (for numerous reasons, lol) with the hint at a twisted Dan-Serena hook-up. With their parents' being officially together, I have taken to being more open to seeing Serena with other people who aren't Dan... 

...like Nate. I'm also a fan of Serenate. Nobody does waffles like S and N.
Serena was uh, alright, with Aaron. Aaron was b-o-r-i-n-g. The worst was Serena and Gabriel. That was doomed from the start. He looked like a 30 year old "I work in some corporate office" guy". She was fine with Tripp but that was obviously never going to work. And I was a big fan of Serena and Carter too actually...  

Chuck and Blair are perfect. We don't even have to go there. Blair's character is dynamic, and Chuck is dynamite. So put them together and...well, you know the rest. Given the end of Season 3, to say things went badly is a major understatement. Chuck and J _ _ _ _ was definitely a huge mistake on the writer's part. I mean, the show needed some drama but that was uh... maybe a little too dramatic. But I'm hoping that they can work something out. 

Rufus and Lily being together is fine. I understand why it's happened, but it's kinda sorta preventing a Derena reunion, so them together bothers me slightly. But, I will admit, they are the best for each other, and it's about time that they finally took that leap. With Will back in the mix, things were very interesting, but they stuck together. And Daddy VDW brought D and S closer. So win-win.     

I don't particularly have too much of a problem with Vanessa, but her character is, personally, boring and pointless. Her character is kind of just... there. But, I do like her as an actress whether or not her chracter is given pertinent story lines. 

I love Nate. And his man bangs. So Yeah. Uhm, him and Jenny, I'm not too fond of. But I think him and Serena are fantastic together. (I mean, he's not Dan, but he's a really decent guy). And he was okay with Vanessa. But not with Blair.

The 3-some was LAME. Just had to point that out. And the Season 3 finale was insane. I don't even know how it happened. Some aspects were great, like D and S and Dorota's delivery, but Chuck and Jenny and Blair and Georgie and the entire ending was a little more than I bargained for...

DOROTA IS MY IDOL. She plays her role extremely well, and her and Vanya are too cute. Plus she has skillfully mastered the "Meeester Chuck" and "Meez Blair".

So why do I like Gossip Girl? There are many answers to that question. I love all the actors and actresses. Blake Lively is my favourite female actress and they guys are all amazing, so a 3-way tie?! I love all the gossip guys. I heart Chuck Bass times infinity. There is something in each character that I admire and each and every one of them are so talented. The storylines are crazy. Scandalous. Dramatic. Racy. And sometimes completely unrealistic. But that's what makes the show. It's a heightened reality. It gives the viewer something to look forward too every week. The guys are good looking (wait, no. not just good-looking). They are SEXY. I envy the fashion. The music is awesome. And I love New York. 

Team Cedric!


Season 1: (Also, best season by far ! )
The Pilot, Hi, Society!, Roman Holiday, and A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate.

Season 2:
Summer Kind of Wonderful, Never Been Marcused, The Dark Night, It's a Wonderful Lie, and Seder Anything.

Season 3:
The Last Days of Disco Stick, Treasures of Serena Madre, The Debarted, The Lady Vanished, Inglorious Bassterds, Ex-Husbands and Wives    

Season 4: Belles du Jour, Easy J

Least Favourite Episode Ever: Carnal Knowledge. (ew Ms. Carr. I couldn't stand it. I shut my eyes at the end because it was so painfully wrong.) This episode was awful for a few reasons, one being Ms. Carr and Dan, (hello, your gf is Serena fricken Van der Woodsen, what the hell would make him want to be involved with that pathetic attempt at a replacement.), the other being Chuck and that Elle chick. Excuse me, BLAIR is the most beautiful girl that Chuck has ever seen, not Elle. Thank you.   


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