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Hello everybody!

My name is Mafalda and I live in Portugal.

I am a big fan of "Grey's Anatomy" since the first episode and i am even a bigger fan of Kevin McKidd. The first time i saw him (i think it was 5 years ago) it was in the movie "Nicholas Nickleby", where he was so cute! xD but then the tv here decided not to give more movies with him and only 2 years ago i was able to see him again in the HBO show "Rome", where he was very very sexy xP, and I absolutely loved him in "Journeyman", it was a great show and I really don't understand why it was cancelled. And when i descovered that he was going to join "Grey's Anatomy" i was really happy because he is an amazing actor.

Now, about me: I'm still a student and I love math (it's the only discipline that I have high marks). I love playing soccer and listening to music. I am completely crazy about animals, i've had a dog named Bobby (how original) and now I have a cat named Oscar. My favorite colors are blue and red and I LOVE chocolates.

Trivia: Yeah! I won my first caption contest: Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 212

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