Hello People!

About me:

I am a full on Grey's Anatomy junky! I guess you could say I am a tad bit obsessed, but its hard not to be obsessed :D I am a high school student, working my butt off to become a surgeon which shockingly is not because of Grey's. I am happiest when Grey's is on, or if I am dancing. I love life, and I am ready for anything. I am a bit of a jerk, but once people know me, they tend to enjoy my company :P

When it comes to Grey's, Addison was my favourite charactor, but she's gone. (boo) Meredith and Derek have like, the best relationship on ANY TV show, and I adore Christina. Surprise surprise, I am in LOVE with McDreamy, and he will be my husband...he just doesn't know yet :D

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