I watch 90210, and started One Tree Hill. I've seen all of The O.C. episodes, so if you have any questions ask. I like The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. Not interested in anything else atm. I like all shows, it depends on my mood and if I really like the show that I am currently watching, which is 90210 and I love the teenage drama so I watched all of them untill it stopped and will be relaunched on Jan 10th after the break. That's why I started One Tree Hill and can't wait for Lucas and Brook to hook up, the shy basketball kid with the school's slut* pardon my language but its true. Anyway, if you have any good teenage drama suggestions like 90210, One Tree Hill or The O.C. please do tell, but I am looking for something modern, not like Beverly Hills 90210 that was like 30 years ago, something that is still present. Well I have lots of more things about me, but I can just tell you if you like to know, so pm me if you want to do some fanatic-chit-chat, I'm up for it :)


BTW Silver and Dixon from 90210 are like the best couple, in the category with Summer/Seth and Ryan/Taylor from The O.C., and yes I hate Marissa Cooper.

Right now I'm watching Gossip Girl, season 5 and loving it, especially Dan and Blair's relationship.

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