I'm the Creative Director for the Destination Network, the number one tourist information tlelvision stations in the country. Check us out at and download our IPhone apps for streaming HD television about Panama City Beach, Destin and Pensacola (Beach TV); The Atlanta Channel, Key TV in Key West, Beach TV in Myrtle Beach, Georgetown, Pawleys Isand, etc. and NOTV in New Orleans. I once performed on Broadway and London's West end in musical Theater. I lived and worked in London for nearly 15 years, had a restaurant in Key West and now make my home in Panama City Beach. I love horses...dressage, 3-day eventing, show jumping and fox hunting (though we would never kill a fox). I'm a world traveler and believe "we" are all one on this earth, each of us affecting the other with love or the lack of...and I believe in equal rights for all. I am unequivocably a TV Fanatic and appreciate all aspects of entertainemnt from the inside out. The arts are our lifeblood and MUST be kept in our school system above all. I'm a child of the "sixties" so I have lived, loved and experienced life to the fullest. Any and everything is possible in life with a positive attitude, so ENJOY this big wonderful world we live in...protect it and let everyone be who they are and let's celebrate our differences, be kind to one another and strive for PEACE.

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