Ben: Why would anyone want to cancel a harmless energy recycling project?
Addison: Okay, why don’t we disarm the bomb first and ask twenty questions later, yeah?

Addison: Well, it looks like you finally leaped into your element.
Ben: No kidding. Bunch of nerds gathered together for the common good? Kind of reminds me of…
Addison: Us?

Wagner: How do uranium atoms say goodbye?
Ben: Sorry, what?
Wagner: Gotta split!

Ben: My mistake was thinking I was in Groundhog Day when I was really in Rashomon all along.
Addison: Yeah, I’ve never seen it, but it is amazing that you could remember all of these plots to these movies but not that you love me for four leaps.
Ben: Sorry about that.

Ladies and gentlemen, what an extraordinary time to be alive. Today, we take a step toward the future. This decade, we’ll go to the moon. By the year 2000, we’ll have flying cars.


Jenn: I thought if he died in someone else’s body, Ben died too.
Ian: He did die.
Jenn: But like, for real.
Ian: Okay, okay, all right. Everybody, shhhh. Obviously, we are dealing with a time loop.
Jenn: Obviously?

We all think we’re the hero of our story even when we’re the villain.


Jenn: It’s kind of weird, right? Janis is a step ahead of us every single time, and then when we finally catch her, Ben gets stuck in a time loop? What if this is a part of her plan?
Magic: You think she intentionally trapped Ben in a time loop? Why?
Jenn: I don’t know. Gain access to our headquarters, plant a virus, steal government secrets?
Magic: Well, she’s already done all that.

Janis: It’s not personal. I just know I can’t trust you.
Ian: No offense, but do you trust anyone? I mean you literally poisoned your own mother’s tea.
Janis: I didn’t poison her. Okay, it was a sedative. She deserved it.

Grief doesn’t keep a schedule. It just shows up when it wants to. And when it does show up, like it did for you today, you let yourself feel it. But when it starts to consume you, you keep holding onto the thought that he’s going to come home one day.


Great technology always falls in the wrong hands. One day, it’ll be the end of us all.


If someone from the future leaped into 2023 to judge us, I hope we turn out to be the heroes of our story.