Eric: A friend of mine in the Dallas area-his name is Godric, has gone missing. Now while the circumstances of his disappearance are unclear it stands to reason his blood would be very valuable, as he's over twice my age and ten times the vampire I will ever be.
Pam: Oh Eric, you don't do humble well.
Eric: I was not being humble, this happens to be true

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Eric Northman
True Blood Season 2 Episode 2: "Keep This Party Going"
True Blood
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True Blood Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Chou [about Lafayette]: How much blood do you think he's lost?
Pam: Oh, I still think he has something to offer.
Chou: I hate to let it all go to waste like this. Seems a shame we have to wait for Eric.
Pam: Well, maybe one day you'll be sheriff and you can make the rules.
Chou: I doubt that.
Pam: Me too.

Sookie: Another first
Bill: How do you mean?
Sookie: We've never had make up sex before
Bill: How does it compare to "you thought I was dead" sex?
Sookie: That was pretty great too, but I wouldn't want to have to go through that again