I have sat on this bench waiting for John to get out of court a thousand times. When he had a case, he would throw himself into it so completely that he practically lived here. That's what I loved about him. He really believed he could make a difference. He devoted his life to this place, and not one goddamn person cares about getting justice for his murder. A good man, the best man, was shot in broad daylight and everyone is calling it a senseless act. It's just...it's just an excuse so nobody has to take responsibility for allowing this world to be senseless.


Underground Season 2 Episode 2: "Things Unsaid"
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Underground Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Rosalee, right now you have to focus on your family. Elizabeth is going to need you.


Daniel's Wife: Did you just...?
Daniel: I been teaching myself to read. Writing is just describing the sounds that the words make.
Daniel's Wife: What does it say?
Daniel: It says how I feel about you. It says why I taught myself to do this. [Holds up paper] It says, love.
Daniel's Wife:It's amazing. I want to keep it forever. [Rips up paper] But this could get us killed.