OA: The killer removed the same piece of skin from the same spot on all the victims.
Maggie: All the girls probably have the same brand.
OA: So all the victims worked for the same ring and the brand was removed so the bodies couldn't be tied to them.
Maggie: No signature, no serial killer.
OA: So who are we looking for?
Maggie: A trafficker.

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FBI Season 1 Episode 3: "Prey"
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FBI Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Kristen: The just for johns personal site is no longer offering incall services, only outcall.
OA: Right. Because they don't have the townhouses anymore, so they're offering the girls to the customers.
Dana: What are you proposing?
OA: We set up a date. By then, we'll have the warrants.
Jubal: We take down whoever is delivering the girls at the same time as we raid the townhouses.
Dana: A sting. I like that.

Kristen: Every digital photo contains metadata. The specific settings of the device taking the photo.
Maggie: So, it's like a fingerprint for cameras?
Kristen: Exactly. So, I ran facial recognition against old escort personal ads in the just for johns site. Found one with a photo of Hayley. And created an algorithm to search for any photos with the same fingerprint as Hayley's.
Maggie: So you have the camera's fingerprints?
Kristen: Well, could be a cell phone. I found nine photos of girls so far. Then, I ran facial recognition against all inbound Ukranian visas and voila! Nine of the advertised women match with nine Ukranian visas.
OA: That's a before and after a guy with three sisters doesn't need to see.
Kristen: Nine names for nine of our victims.
Jubal: Nice work.