Marissa: Well, what’s the case?
Wackner: NFT fraud.
Marissa: I don’t know what that is.
Wackner: Non-fungible token. Someone sold a painting that was an NFT fake, and they’re suing them for $4 million.
Marissa: You’re hearing a case involving $4 million?
Wackner: It’s a jury trial.
Marissa: OK, but that’s… this was cute when it was the people’s court, but why would anyone agree to let you decide?
Wackner: Signed and notarized. Both sides will honor the jury’s verdict.
Marissa: But this was notarized in your fictional court by you about a fictional case.
Wackner: About a fictional crime -- faking an NFT. Marissa, it seems there are some last-remaining braincells in there that are unwilling to climb onboard. This is a court. In fact, it’s better than a court. A court is defined by the justice it administers, not by the ceremony it displays. So come on. I bought your services from your law firm. I have a chair for you out there. It has your name on it. What else do you need?

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The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 4: "And the clerk had a firm..."
The Good Fight
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The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Carmen: What does Mr. Rivi need?
Charles: Well, that’s what our conversation is gonna be about. See, Oscar likes to help his friends, and he considers you a friend.
Carmen: Oh, I don’t need any friends, Mr. Lester.
Charles: Well, you do on this one. First, you can’t tell anyone I was here or how you heard this. You have to promise me.
Carmen: Promise.
Charles: You said that too fast. Think about it, then promise.
Carmen: Promise.
Charles: Good, so Oscar has friends in the police department, and in about 10 minutes a search warrant is about to be served on someone close to you.
Carmen: Who?
Charles: Someone at your firm.
Carmen: Yeah, who?
Charles: The police are not actually serving the warrant. The FBI is, and that’s how Oscar got the information because the police hate the Feds.
Carmen: And who is being served?
Charles: Let me see. I have this on one of those notes.

Charles: Can I come in?
Carmen: I would rather it was during work hours.
Charles: You know I would too, but we just have 12 minutes to discuss an important issue.