Hills: Jacobis the elder. What can I do you for?
D'avin: Actually, I'm here to help you. Alvis didn't order the Leithian massacre. These ID tags should identify the real killers. Dig a little deeper, you'll find that none of them are true scarbacks.
Hills: Wow, I'll be sure to kick that right upstairs.
D'avin: You're hanging Alvis out to dry. You've got riots in the streets. What the hells are your people up to?
Hills: I'll let you know once they decide to tell me. Meanwhile, stick to chasing warrants. It's a lot cleaner than politics.

Killjoys Season 1 Episode 10: "Escape Velocity"
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Killjoys Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

D'avin: Okay, what if we say screw all this, get on Lucy and don't look back?
Dutch: The three of us?
D'avin: Yeah, the three of us.
Dutch: I can't, not until I'm done with Khlyen.
D'avin: I know.

Dutch: Khlyen told me something when I was leaving. He said I needed my team, that something was coming. I think he meant to the Quad.
John: Like what?
Dutch: That's all he said.
D'avin: I think maybe you should leave.
John: Maybe. You. Should. Leave.
D'avin: No... I mean both of you. Take Lucy, be a moving target. You stole his shit, he's gonna come looking for you.
Dutch: So we better make sure we're ready for when he does.
D'avin: How?
Dutch: Well first, I need to know everything about Khlyen, Level 6...
D'avin: Red 17?
Dutch: What?
D'avin: Turin brought it up. He said you're on some kind of a list.