Alan: Sarah, you okay?
Sarah: Yeah what did you give him?
Alan: Nothing I didn't have a chance to inject him. Rapid fungal overgrowth, must be the final stage of the disease.
Sarah: And only thirty six hours after the memorial. It kills faster than we thought.

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Helix Season 2 Episode 7: "Cross-Pollination"
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Helix Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

I came to this island for a reason and I believe it's buried in this abbey.


Julia: With that technology Ilaria could control the spread of the mortal population.
Ms. Durant: Without resorting to genocide; yes. It would solve their human problem once and for all.
Julia: Where do I find this Michael?
Ms. Durant: On an island, on the far end of the new world.
Julia: Then that's where I need to go.