Lex: Everyone keeps telling me to have faith and keep hoping. But what happens if my mom does die? What will it feel like?
Isaac: It's pretty much the worst thing you'll go through in your life. Nothing will make sense. You'll be pissed off. Sometimes you won't even know if you wanna keep living.
Lex: Yeah. That's pretty much what I thought it'd be like.
Isaac: But it does get better.
Lex: Really?
Isaac: But then that kinda messes you up even more, 'cause in a way, you want it to keep hurting. At least if it hurts, you're not forgetting them. It really sucks when you start to forget them.

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AWAY Season 1 Episode 9: "Spektr"
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AWAY Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Freddie: Okay, but how do we deal with the impossible problem of getting water out of the hull in 2.7-kelvin temperatures?
Matt: That's why you joined NASA, isn't it? To solve impossible problems?

Lu: How about the uh, bladders of water that are surrounding the ship?
Ram: Through the walls?
Misha: Yeah, absolutely not.
Kwesi: Why? Why can't we?
Misha: Because it's impossible.
Emma: I'll get on it with Ground. The impossible's where we're at.