Kelly: When we left, Carbonization had gotten much worse at a much faster rate than the government told us it would. New Africa, Australia, both American continents had fires so big they couldn't keep control. Most people couldn't escape the fires fast enough, and they died. Japan, New Zealand, Florida, Islands like Hawaii, they were submerged by the rising tides, all except the highest mountain tops.
Jelena: What about the old Europe continent?
Kelly: Basically, fallen to anarchy.

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The Ark Season 1 Episode 7: "A Slow Death is Worse"
The Ark
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The Ark Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Lane: Thank you, Mr. Trust. Your backdoor codes just saved a lot of lives.
William Trust: I've just got two questions. Where the hell am I? And why?

Dr. Kabir: Hey, she could still be alive on earth!
Felix: Robert wouldn't have left if she was alive. I shouldn't have left them. I should've stayed on earth.
Dr. Kabir: You had no choice! You told me you were ordered to be on Ark One.
Felix: I should have disobeyed orders!