Paul: Brooke. You wanted to speak with me?
Brooke: You know, my whole life, I wanted to get my mother to be proud of me. And then one night, Julian threatened to exile her from our lives, and I would do the same to you. I'm just not sure it would matter.
Paul: You're upset.
Brooke: I have this poster hanging in my living room, Paul. Of course I'm upset. And the only reason that it's hanging there is because you took him to see that movie, and for one day that boy felt close to his father. He felt loved and appreciated. And the sad part is that there was only one of those days. Because in my book, the day that he didn't feel that way should be the unique one. Fix it.

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Brooke Davis
One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 2: "What Are You Willing to Lose"
One Tree Hill
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One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm going to see if she'll sit down with me again. In the meantime you just, ummm, try not to get thrown through a window.


Wine's not even alcohol. It's like, grape.