Stella: How do you manage?
Casey: By being patient when I can. Honest, when I have to be. It's not always easy.

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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 19: "Where I Want To Be"
Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes, Chicago Fire Quotes
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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

At his age, only time I was on my best behavior was when I was up to no good. So, uh, I don't know, you may wanna just...recheck the vodka bottles, make sure they're still vodka.

Stella [about Lee Henry, to Herrmann]

Herrmann: Hey, shows how knuckleheaded these criminals are. They put all their eggs in one basket, they lose everything. Should have diversified.
Otis: That's their problem! They need you managing their portfolio, Herrmann.