Ed: I just can't imagine the passion it would take to smash a urethra. In two places?
Madeline: You sound a little envious. You want me to smash yours?
Ed [laughs]: Well, not smash, but...we never have wild sex. We have nice sex, I mean I like it, you know. It's just that it usually times out between four and six minutes, and neither of us are in remote danger of physical injury.
Madeline: Well that's just mean, Ed.
Ed: Sorry! Maybe I am envious. What? Perry walks through the doors and whoosh. I wish we had that kind of desire.
Madeline: By we, you mean me.

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Big Little Lies Season 1 Episode 6: "Burning Love"
Big Little Lies
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Big Little Lies Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Dr. Reisman: Start documenting the abuse. Write everything down. Photograph your injuries. Keep doctor reports. That could be important in a custody battle, and men like your husband usually do go for custody. He has the resources, the money, the contacts. Most importantly, he has the ego to see this through.
Celeste: I don't understand why you're being such an alarmist right now.
Dr. Reisman: Because I'm alarmed.

My life isn't perfect, Madeline, bad things have happened to me. I do understand the concept.

Celeste [sighs]