Elliot: Carla, you know how I'm...really crazy?
Carla: Sure, what's up?
Elliot: It's just getting so hard to hide the crazy from Paul.
Carla: Oh, I hear you, girl. I mean, Turk and I are engaged and it wasn't until last week that I admitted the reason I don't touch the seat when I go to the bathroom isn't because of germs but because I'm afraid of toilet snakes.
Elliot: Aaaaand now so am I.

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Carla Espinosa, Elliot Reid
Scrubs Season 2 Episode 16: "My Karma"
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Scrubs Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Jordan: I was going to tell him the truth eventually, I just wanted to see if he was going to be with me because he wanted to, not because he had to. Do you know what I mean?
J.D.: What are you talking about?
Jordan: It's his baby, stupid! Don't tell anyone

Ted: I honestly don't know what put the idea of golfing on the roof in my head!
Todd: Dude! It is so nice out here! You mind if I take it down to the banana hammock?