Adrianna: What do you have that is so valuable?
Austin: How 'bout an original signed Lynyrd Skynyrd album?

I gave up my daughter for this?

Do you think hanging out with Mr. Lather-Rinse-Repeat is a great idea?

It's like when I was dating Joe Jonas. When you're famous they want you to have this fake life.

Because it's not a road trip without Silver and me pulling hair and throwing each other into a pool.

I'm not going to apologize for being good to you.

Patrick [to Annie]

Adrianna: The hardest part for an addict is making it through the night.
Dixon: Is it harder than sleeping handcuffed to a crazy woman?

I was so wrapped up with the idea of being famous that I lost the thing I loved the most.

If you really need the money sell what people want.

He's been pretty amped up lately, don't you think?

You're the only person who doesn't look at me like pure evil.

You kissed me and held me and told me you love me. You don't remember you told me you loved me?


Ewww, I look like a Cullen!


Oh, she's going down!

Silver [after discovering Adrianna's tap water trickery]