Real love. True love, cannot be destroyed. That is why you, Jafar will never win.

The love that Cyrus and I have is stronger than any magic.

Alice: Fight fire with fire.
Amara: All that does is ensure everyone gets burned.

Forgive us if your freedom is neither a concern nor a priority.

Alice: You're quite clumsy for a soldier.
Knave: And you're a little young to be a murderer.

If we live our lives looking at the past, we'll never be able to move forward to our future together.

Alice: I'm good at riddles.
Cyrus: You're good at everything.

Knave: Sorry, nature was calling.
Alice: Really? What did it say?
Knave: Nothing you want to hear.

I needed you to believe me because you believed in me.

You never treated me like a daughter. You treated me like an obligation. Like a part of your life you had no choice but to tolerate.

Finding Cyrus is 99% of the battle. The rest will take care of itself.

So I should just sweep him under the rug like you did with mother and with me.