You win the election. You think it's over. It's never over.

Peter: You have to control the narrative.
Alicia: To keep me from looking like the slutty wife?

You mean the man, Guy Redmayne who came in here and pressed his groin against me, compared my feet to those of an Arizona prostitute and then demanded that I hire a deputy SA of his choosing?

(to Peter) Let's just get through this, then we can get back to you using me politically.

Whenever I think I'm certain about something I'm always surprised.

Mr. Canning, you've been leaving this earth for three months now so excuse my incredulity.

Ok, This is what I need. Use your decoder ring and your West Wing tweets to tell the PAC to stop these homophobic robo calls.

Well, here's the thing...

A day is a year in politics!

Use it. I'm ready!

Zip up your pants, shut your mouth and stop banging the help.

I won't stand beside you. Not again, Peter. Not in a million years.