Amy: Best friend.
Paul: Loyal sidekick.
Chloe: Isn't one of you supposed to be playing good cop?

Paul: Don't sweat it bro, Chloe broke my heart, too. After we kissed.
Amy: Ten years ago!
Paul: But still, it hurt.
Alek: Do you people tell each other everything?

Amy: Oh my God. Is someone trying to kill you again?
Chloe: Amy, calm down. Not some sinister plot and not the point of the story!

Amy: Maybe you should think about dating a Mai guy.
Chloe: A Mai guy? You're not about to burst into song, are you?

Chloe: Tall, chiseled and with an accent.
Amy: Well done mother Meredith!
Chloe: I'll tell her that you approve.

No. I'm not gonna say it, because I'm pretty much done apologizing. You said that the Chloe you knew would never do this or act this way, well, newsflash, I'm not the same old Chloe. We can all pretend that I am, but we all know it's not true. You've always been my best friend, and if it's up to me, you always will be. But you have to accept me as I am now - faults, claws and all.


The Chloe I know would never do something like that or treat her friends this way.

Chloe: And, wait, you did not just compare me to your one eyed, deaf, arthritic cat.
Amy: Hey, she's old, be nice. And, I think I just did. Sorry!

Amy: She just wants a normal life.
Alek: Well, just tell her to get used to disappointment.

Chloe: I think I died today.
Amy: Are you okay?