How many girlfriends have you had that can walk away from a bomb unscathed?

Andy: You'll ride with him?
Nick: Yeah why not, I just won't turn my back or try anything too policey. It will be like Adventures in Babysitting.

Andy: Convenience is boring and I am not boring. I am a stallion and stallions cannot be tamed.
Sam: Stallions are boys.

Sam: I do speak fluent Spanish. You know that right?
Andy: Oh, I am aware. I just thought that was reserved for when you were naked.

He's a grown up runaway. It sounds awesome. Get away from your troubles and your debts and your everything.

Andy: Is this the workplace equivalent of pity sex.
Sam: Yeah, pretty much.
Andy: OK, I'll take it.

I don't want to train a cop. I want to train a super cop.

I'm in the ambulance and I can't help but feel like if he dies then I will too.

Literally, I was walking in the park with Chloe and I blinked.

You are my story, Sam. You.

What if I don't want to follow your rules, Sam. What if I just want to follow the normal ones.

Nick: Lots of people in this division hang out.
Andy: Yeah, naked? Lots of people in this division hang out naked?

Rookie Blue Quotes

That's not your job anymore.


You didn't want to fight this battle but you still need to win it.