I wasn't lying when I said not all human emotion is bad. Enjoy the show.

Put skin on my new daughter. Make sure she looks exactly like Lisa.

(to Lisa) Now that's how you kill your mother.

(to Diana) You thought me everything I know. But, you never knew half of what I know.

(to Lisa) I know I haven't told you this before, but I love you.

Nobody does this to me.

I stand here today, not as the leader of my people, but as a mother.

Whoever is behind this will pay.

And this God you have so much faith in, I hope some day to meet him.

Erica: What the hell are you doing here?
Anna: No one understands what it feels like to have the weight of an entire species on your shoulders, but you. You understand.

Nothing will stand in my path - find a way.

Now that I've decapitated the leader of the Fifth Column, my plans can go ahead on schedule.

V Quotes

Is there such a thing as an ugly Visitor?


We are of peace. Always.