Unlike in my book life isn't a story I get to make up. I can't write my own happy ending. I already tried, it didn't work.

We're not just friends, we're a family. And nobody messes with my family.

I know it sounds really cliché, but telling the truth finally set me free of it all.

I really hope that's the closest I'll ever get to 127 hours.

Biggest red flag? She hasn't even been plucking her eyebrows.

Maybe the reason we fight like we do and we can say anything to each other, which we normally do, is because we're like sisters.

This coming from the bitch who does nothing but meddle in everyone's life. We all know it's why you lost Max.

She's kinda been a hot mess lately.

If we're about to do what I think we both want to do, then we have to finally get it right.

Annie: Oops this one's still a little dirty hunnie.
Liam: Maybe I like it dirty.

I don't care what Naomi needs in her life because I need you.

I get it, I was there too. I got shot, remember?


I saw him kissing that barefoot surfer chick. Apparently, he likes the smell of BO.


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