We all write about heart break for a living and now that it's staring us in the face, it's like we're afraid of it. We judge it like it's strange or weird. This man just lost the love of his life. How's he supposed to act? We need to be there for him, not ask things of him.

To living every day of your life.

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I love you but you're crazy.

Nurse: I can't let you go in there right now. I'm under strict orders.
Juliette: Well if you happen to know who I am then you know I don't take orders very well.
Nurse: Ms. Barnes!
Avery: She doesn't follow my orders either.

Avery: What are you talking about? I’ve been here every second.
Juliette: Until I’m better…
Avery: I’m still here!

Juliette: I just don’t want to be a distraction.
Avery: Juliette can sometimes have that effect.

Listen, I can't tell you if you should stay with Kevin but I can tell you that never in the history of the world has moving in together ever made things easier. It only gets harder. If you love the person then it's worth it but it will test you, more than you ever thought possible.

Avery: Looks like you have F.O.M.O.
Will: What'd you call me?
Avery: F.O.M.O. -- fear of missing out.

Avery: I'd like to try a few without that vocal thing that you're doing.
Ashley Willerman: Which one? What vocal thing?
Avery: Well it's like a catch thing, like you've got something stuck in your throat.
Ashley: Oh, that's called emotion.

Avery: And Maddie, she starts her internship at the studio today.
Juliette: Really? Rayna and Deacon think they can slow her roll?
Avery: That's the plan.
Juliette: Good luck keeping that genie in a bottle.

Gunnar: Maybe now you can worry about yourself for a change.
Avery: Myself? Who is that? I don't remember him.

If you can't see your way through then I'll see it for you.

Nashville Quotes

No I'm not alright. I'm disgusting.


Things get real, you get gone.