Avery: It's not like we're gonna crash and burn.
Juliette: Bad analogy.

Listen Deacon, I can't imagine what you're going through, I really can't, but at the end of the day what's on these walls, what's in her closet, it's just stuff, right? I mean the life that you shared, the music you wrote together, that's a different story. Nobody can take that away. That stuff's eternal.

Juliette: I'm going to kill you.
Avery: And I love you.

I'm not sure you can put a timeline on grief.

Avery: Oh, just the usual routine with Juliette.
Will: What's that?
Avery: She starts the fires. I put them out.

Just sign her already. I'll handle the rest.

I'm always on your side.

We all write about heart break for a living and now that it's staring us in the face, it's like we're afraid of it. We judge it like it's strange or weird. This man just lost the love of his life. How's he supposed to act? We need to be there for him, not ask things of him.

To living every day of your life.

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I love you but you're crazy.

Nurse: I can't let you go in there right now. I'm under strict orders.
Juliette: Well if you happen to know who I am then you know I don't take orders very well.
Nurse: Ms. Barnes!
Avery: She doesn't follow my orders either.

Avery: What are you talking about? I’ve been here every second.
Juliette: Until I’m better…
Avery: I’m still here!

Nashville Quotes

Layla, we are both sleeping in the same bed. Huh? What do you expect me to say, "Hey, great, honey. Go screw another guy."


Rayna! I'm done talking.