Sometimes I'm a very bad boy.

Birkhoff [to computer]

Birkhoff: No matter what you do all roads seem to lead back to Nikki, don't they?
Michael: Even when they really shouldn't.

Michael: I need you to run a search. The name's Whitfield.
Birkhoff: Where do I know that name from?
Michael: I don't know, why don't you do the search?
Birkhoff: Always so pleasant when you're asking a favor.
Michael: A favor is when you have the option of saying no.

Birkhoff [on Irina]: I put this girl through facial recognition. Every database didn't get a single hit.
Michael: No background? No identity? No nothing? We might as well recruit her into Division as Alex's replacement.

If God is in the details, than I'm God.

Michael: She hasn't checked in, something might have gone wrong with that op.
Birkhoff: Or something went right with the date, shazam! Dude, you really need to get a sense of humor.
Michael: I don't laugh at your jokes because I have a sense of humor.

Listen, mini Ethan Hunt. You need to worry about where you're headed, because you have no idea who you're dealing with. Not only have I always wanted to say that, it's true.

Birkhoff [to Fletcher]

What's a cyber intrusion? Sounds vaguely sexual.

Don't try to take it out. It will trigger an instant alert. Bad times. You read me?

Birkhoff: These things broadcast all over the world.
Engineer: But only after the Guardians have receive the order to broadcast.
Birkhoff: And let me guess, Percy's got the only trigger right?
Engineer: No. Percy is the trigger.

I'm not a spice girl, and I was never ever obscure. I was elusive, and a little dangerous. I was a legend.

Birkhoff: Just engineer?
Engineer: It's too cold in here. You're hoarding gear, not sides of beef.
Birkhoff: That's how I roll. Ok If you won't tell me your name at least tell me what you are engineer of?
Engineer: Your life, apparently.

Nikita Quotes

I recommend the Zephyr's Kiss. It sets Birkhoff back 12 grand a bottle.


We're free.


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